There are those who enjoy a fine cocktail, and would gladly raise a glass to military history if someone provided the toast.

This blog is for them.

There are those who enjoy considering the military history of the world, and would welcome a new excuse to do so if someone provided the excuse.

This blog is for them.

Military history and drinking go together like an officer’s club and subtly exaggerated tales of derring-do. This blog combines the two. Here you will find invented cocktails, whose ingredients or methods of preparation tell the tale of battles past. Here you will also find moments in military history, recounted (with a twist) and mapped onto an existing drink we already know and love.

Join us as we drink our way through military history.

3 responses to “About

  1. Christopher Kozey

    Great work, gentlemen – I’m eager to contribute in any way that I can.


    Christopher Baxter Leonard Kozey

  2. Captain Tom Flounders

    Fantastic gentlemen! Top notch!

  3. Henry

    Much like a mixed drink, this blog is a fine blend of nerdy facts and brotastic drink-quaffing encouragement.

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